I prefer to charge by the hour, since this is an easy way to have the cost reflect the work involved, and give the client the best value. I will charge by the page (250 words) if the client strongly prefers it that way and it is a straightforward editing job. I understand that when a client compares several quotes, it is most convenient to have them in the same format. You may state your preference on the quote form. It is best not to assume a price, but to contact me for a quote by filling out the form below.

Flat job fees apply mainly to writing projects, but may work for other projects as well. The best way to get a good price is to contact me for a quote by filling out the form below.

In general:

Hourly fees range from $30-$75
Page fees begin at $3.50
Flat rates vary

Directions: The form is shown below for your information (before filling out the form, I recommend that you read the descriptions of the various services by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the web site, or on the footer bar). The form can be downloaded here, filled out, and emailed back to me as an attachment. Or, you may copy the form below and paste it into an email. Please email the form to You may also print this page or the downloaded page and mail it to:

P.O. Box 245
Hummelstown, Pa. 17036


1. Please indicate how you want your quote:

___Using the hourly rate
___Using the page rate
___Just give me the best price you can
___Flat fee (available for writing projects and rare edits)

2. Please select the best description of your work:

Is this a(n)
___Business project
___Academic project
___Personal project

3. What service do you require? Feel free to devise any combination of the below options to meet your needs:

___Review without edit for author"s use (punch list generated)
___Review for Proposal for Services (punch list and quote generated)
___Ordinance Review, Technical or Legal Document Review
___Review of Creative Work (stories, book manuscripts, poetry)

___Simple Edit
___Major Edit
___Combined Writing and Editing
___English Second Language Services

___Non-fiction writing
___Feature writing
___Creative writing


4. Please choose the category which best fits what you would like to have reviewed, edited or written:

___Research Paper, Thesis (writing not available)
___Technical Report
___Educational or Informational Paper
___Text for Brochure or other distribution material
___Non-fiction opinion or essay
___Ordinance, Official Policy
___Non-fiction book manuscript
___Feature article
___Opinion Piece

___Book Manuscript
___Other _____________________________________

5. Title or Topic:____________________________________________

6. Approximate project length:______________________

7. When is your deadline?

___Specific Date_____________________
___As soon as possible
___Indefinite, but days
___Indefinite, but weeks

8. Who is the intended audience?__________________________________

If you wish, you may further describe your project, its intended audience, specifics about the services you require, style considerations, if applicable, formatting needs and any other information that will help me to understand the scope of your project. You may email all or a portion of your work to assist me in providing a quote. Your work will not be shared or distributed by Ruminations, and will be deleted from my files if I do not do the work. Ruminations offers personal service and may contact you if more information is needed.