Here are a few of my favorites. More will be added periodically. Recommendations welcome.

Earthshine links:

Be sure to scroll to the bottom and click on some of the Earthshine photo links on this NASA site:
More information, and the Da Vinci sketch of Earthshine
Details about Matt BenDaniel"s Earthshine photo:

Family Artists:

Julie Moffitt, my sister, musician and co-editor of Earthshine
Mike Longo, artist, attorney
Peter Moffitt, jazz musician, if he ever gets a web site"

Friends and Admired artists and writers:

Nancy Spahr, artist and gallery owner, Staunton, Va.
Brad Stroman, artist and environmentalist:
Scott Weidensaul, nature author, Pulitzer Prize nominee;
of his many works, my favorite: Living on the Wind
Steve Rannels, photograper, artist, naturalist
Matt Dallos, photographer of beautiful places, especially Pennsylvania

The Arts and Politics:

Yes We Can Music Video: v=jjXyqcx-mYY&NR=1
Anne Deavere Smith on Art and Politics; the PBS NOW interview:
Perceval Press: a varied and changing mix of political statements with an angry humanitarian voice

Land Trusts:

Land Trusts preserve land by accepting conservation easements and land donations, which they then preserve in perpetuity according to the wishes of the donor. This is one way to save our fast disappearing farmland, habitat and open space.
Our local one: The Manada Conservancy
For links to Pennsylvania Land Trust information:
For links to national Land Trust information:

Land Use and land protection:

Do you wish your government had better land use planning and policy? Here are some Pa. web sites to help them on their way:
10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania
Natural Lands Trust resources for municipalities
The Pennsylvania Environmental Council
The Pennsylvania Environmental Council EAC Network (does your Pa. municipality have an Envronmental Advisory Council? Want to start one? Want to get involved in your local government? In Pa., land use decisions are made at the local level)

The Kittatinny Ridge Conservation Project
A coalition of organizations committed to the protection of the Kittatinny Ridge and its migration flyway.


My favorite place to relax: