Listed below are my categories of review and editing services, the usual fee, and links to the fee/quote form. Feel free to tailor services to your needs. There is opportunity on the quote form to explain your project so that I can give you the best price possible.


Review without edit:

This option provides for the client who wishes to do his or her own editing, but who wishes an outside opinion as to what the document needs. I will read the document and provide a punch list of comments and suggested improvements, perceived editing needs and responses to any specific questions. A punch list can comprise everything from listing the need for punctuation to suggestions about organization of information, formatting, style and content. For a large project, such a list can help the client to understand whether the document needs simple proofreading, more advanced editing or serious reorganization or rewrite.

Should the client then decide to have me do the work, it is easier to provide a quote, and progress has already been made toward the final product.

Base fee for non-fiction document: $30/hr

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Response to Request for Proposal (RFP):

I will respond to written RFPs using the guidelines within the RFP, or the method described in "Review witout edit", above. If the RFP does not contain detailed information about the project, please fill out the quote form.

Response to written RFP: no charge

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Ordinance Review, technical, scientific or legal document review:

A punch list of comments will be generated. Includes review for consistency, logical flow, accuracy of cross-references, clarity and intent as perceived by the lay reader NOT legality or legal meaning. Please consult your attorney for review for legal intent and for all legal questions. I especially enjoy land use documents, such as Comprehensive Plans, Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances and easement agreements. Please also note that this service can also be used to check for consistency between two or more documents. If asked, I will also offer opinions on the environmental implications of such documents. If not asked, I will keep the opinions to myself. I am quite comfortable with scientific and medical documents. As above, review can be expanded to edit, or select the edit at the start.


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Review of creative works, stories, book manuscripts, poetry:

Aside from basic proofreading, this is a subjective enterprise. Although there are accepted standards and guidelines for good writing style, which I am happy to provide, I am also open to those who have a unique writing style, and will not suggest standardization of eclectic, experimental or unorthodox writing, so long as I can see that the writer was visited by a Thoughtful Muse. I will read and comment on what is required to make the work worthy, as long as the client is aware that "worthy" is in the eye of the reader. Don't send me any porn or erotic work, chainsaws, or drippy blood, please. As with all reviews, the job may be expanded to include the actual editing.

By job and level of effort needed, please inquire. I suggest that you send a portion of the work (or the entire piece) to me for a quote.

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There is often some overlap between reviews and edits; my review may often lead to the performance of the edit. However, I do see the two services as distinct, and have categorized them as such. One big difference is that if you choose "edit", I can go right into the edit without doing a punch list for you. However, any of the above described reviews can easily become an edit. These editing categories apply to all types of writing:

Simple Edit:

Basic proofreading; includes editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation and formatting.

$30/hr (< hr prorated)

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Major Edit:

Basic proofreading as well as editing for style and appropriateness for intended audience. A major edit may also include reorganization of material, rewriting of portions for style, flow, clarity and coherence. The need for this can arise if a work has several authors, the author does not have the time to rework a draft or is not confident about the final product. A major edit may take into account the intended audience of readers and their level of understanding, or the level of formality desired. This type of edit comprises any work short of composing new material or researching content.

$30-$50/hr, depending on difficulty.

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Combined writing and editing projects:

Goes beyond the major edit and requires content adjustment, adding in significant content or research either for accuracy or for additional content.

$40-$50/hr, depending on difficulty.

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English second language services:

Review and edit for sentence structure, grammar and correct vocabulary use (some of my favorite words have come from friends from other countries: "otherwhere",thanks to Daniela, and "learningful",thanks to Ivar, come to mind. Although I will dutifully edit out such words, I may incorporate them into my own personal vocabulary). This service includes "simple edit", above, as well as more advanced edit at the level needed. Since levels of English proficiency vary, I am happy to give a quote after seeing the document, or a portion thereof.


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